ForecastWatch Recognizes The Most Accurate Source for High Temperature Forecasts in US

November 26, 2015

ForecastWatch, the leading third-party weather forecast monitoring and assessment company, released the results of a six-month report for one-day to five-day high temperature forecasts, ranking the top providers of consumer weather forecasts in the United States. Temperature is a main weather forecast data point for consumers and businesses that significantly impacts decisions across activities and industries, closely evaluated in this study. In an independent and objective analysis, ForecastWatch collected over 4.7 million forecasts for 792 locations for the first six months of 2015 and compared them with the high temperature observations that occurred during each forecast day. Long-standing client AccuWeather is ranked first in the categories ForecastWatch uses to measure accuracy of temperature forecast, including mean absolute error, percentage of forecasts within 3 degrees Fahrenheit, and percentage of forecasts with no error.

View The Full ForecastWatch Study Here.


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