Most Accurate Forecaster in the World Named by New ForecastWatch Study

December 21, 2016

A new study by ForecastWatch, the nation’s premier authority in meteorological accuracy validation, has was shown the most accurate forecaster. The study evaluated the top forecasting services in three regions independently: the United States since 2010, and Europe and Asia Pacific since 2013. Within each region, data was broken out into three different forecast time ranges. According to ForecastWatch, The Weather Company was the overwhelming leader, offering the most accurate one- to three-day and three- to five-day forecasts in the U.S., Europe and Asia, and the most accurate six- to nine-day forecasts in the U.S. and Asia. The study collected forecasts from eleven different providers and analyzed a total of more than 139.3 million forecasts.

View The Complete Study Here


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This Weather App Will Give You The Most Accurate Forecasts

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These Are The Companies and Apps That Have The Most Accurate Forecasts
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