About ForecastWatch

ForecastWatch delivers the data that drives improved forecasting, better business decisions, and actionable weather intelligence.

Improved Analysis For Improved Forecasting.

ForecastWatch, a product suite of Intellovations, LLC, has been the world’s premier weather forecast monitoring and assessment company since 2003, when it released the largest public weather forecast accuracy study at the time. Now, we maintain our leadership within the category with the release of an unprecedented 12-year forecast accuracy study.

Our passion for data drives us every day. We collect weather forecast data from thousands of locations throughout the U.S. and around the world (with over 30 unique parameters, including precipitation, cloud cover, wind and the chance of precipitation). This information is added to an ever-growing and unparalleled historical database of more than one billion weather forecasts gathered from a variety of resources.

We use this vast collection of data to evaluate and compare weather forecast providers, improve decision-making by governments and business entities impacted by weather, improve weather forecasting by meteorologists around the world, and educate customers with unbiased reporting.

We strive to improve and expand our offerings to meet the needs of our current and future clients, finding ways to partner with them to help them evaluate their own deliverables, keep their customers safe or help make business-critical decisions via forecast accuracy analytics to positively impact revenue, operating costs and risk mitigation costs.

Meteorologists, utilities and energy companies depend on ForecastWatch’s accurate data and analysis. Agriculture, futures traders and other companies whose business depends on being right about the weather put their trust in us to help them achieve success. Even consumers benefit from our Forecast Advisor product. Our data meets the highest standard of scientific inquiry and has been used in several peer-reviewed studies.

If weather impacts the bottom line of your business or the safety of clients or inventory, we should talk. Our ForecastWatch suite of products delivers the world’s most reliable, relevant, and innovative atmospheric analytics software and services on the market today. Leaders in the weather industry, government, and the insurance, financial, life sciences, and entertainment industries turn to us for critical weather data.


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