Who Gives the Best Weather Forecasts

January 5, 2017

Weather forecasting is a competitive business, with many local, national and global options vying for your attention. There must be differences among them all, which begs the question – who gives the most accurate weather forecasts?

A group called ForecastWatch devotes all of its time to answering this question, as it turns out. From 2010 to 2016, ForecastWatch has analyzed more than 142 million forecasts. It rated each one as accurate if precipitation predictions came true, and if high and low temperature forecasts came within three degrees Fahrenheit.

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These Are The Companies and Apps That Have The Most Accurate Forecasts

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Weather Data For Advanced Analytics
If weather impacts the bottom line of your business or the safety of clients or inventory, we should talk. Our ForecastWatch suite of products delivers the world’s most reliable, relevant, and innovative atmospheric analytics software and services on the market today. Leaders in the weather industry, government, and the insurance, financial, life sciences, and entertainment industries turn to us for critical weather data.


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