Predicting Hurricane Damage with Machine Learning

May 22, 2017

Next week marks the start of a hurricane season that weather experts predict will generate an above-average number of tropical storms. While there’s no stopping a hurricane, data scientists with longtime ForecastWatch client, The Weather Company, hope to give those in the path of a big storm more accurate predictions of damage so they can better prepare.

As our analytics have shown, meteorologists are much-improved at predicting the intensity and the path of tropical storms over the past several decades. The amount of forewarning that residents now receive has been instrumental in reducing the loss of life associated with these mammoth storms.

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Weather Data For Advanced Analytics

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Science Says: Weather Forecasts Improve, Under the Radar
If weather impacts the bottom line of your business or the safety of clients or inventory, we should talk. Our ForecastWatch suite of products delivers the world’s most reliable, relevant, and innovative atmospheric analytics software and services on the market today. Leaders in the weather industry, government, and the insurance, financial, life sciences, and entertainment industries turn to us for critical weather data.


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