ForecastAdvisor adds New Providers and New Capabilities

June 25, 2020

ForecastAdvisor, the site for weather enthusiasts and others who like to track the comparative accuracy of forecasts around the United States, now incorporates
four additional forecast providers in its analysis along with analytic enhancements in the latest version.

As of July 1, ForecastAdvisor will now include forecasts from AerisWeather, Open Weathermap, Weather News, and Wetter.

AerisWeather. Founded with the goal of transforming how businesses worldwide interact with environmental phenomena, AerisWeather empowers customers to harness the weather as an asset in their products, services, and business intelligence tools.

OpenWeather Ltd is a British-based tech company that provides weather and satellite data worldwide. OpenWeather collects and processes raw data from a variety of sources, and gives its customers access to the data archive.

Weathernews Inc. is the world’s largest private weather service provider. It offers the knowledge and expertise of over 800 weather professionals, including 400 certified meteorologists. is the number one online weather portal in Germany, Switzerland and Austria.

These forecasts will add to the current weather providers that include AccuWeather, Foreca, NWS Digital Forecast, The Weather Channel, Weather Underground, and World Weather Online.

MeteoGroup data has been removed from the ForecastAdvisor analysis as it no longer provides independent forecasts, while forecasts from Dark Sky will be removed as of July 1. New features have been added in addition to the additional providers. Making it easier to seek out comparisons for specific time periods, the analysis of forecast data is now more specific with regard to the month and year of comparison.

ForecastAdvisor offers numerous forecast accuracy insights to satisfy the curiosity of weather enthusiasts, including analyzing:

  • A particular location’s precipitation and temperature changeability
  • Comparative accuracy for high and low temperature and precipitation
    forecasts for 808 locations
  • The stability of a given forecast over time

ForecastAdvisor, created by ForecastWatch, provides an array of interesting weather data in a clean, easy-to-read format not cluttered with graphics and ads.

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