Best Places To Live If You Want To Know What The Weather Will Be Like Tomorrow

August 16, 2021

Have you ever wanted to know where the best places to live are in the United States that provide you with the most or least accurate weather forecasts for the following day? If so, we can help! ForecastWatch analyzed forecasts for the year 2020 for over 650 locations across the United States to help you in your search. Many people like to know what is coming so that plans can be made more easily. Perhaps though you like to be surprised and enjoy the variety that is weather? Either way, we have you covered!

Want to know what the high temperature will be for tomorrow and be assured it will be accurate? Move to Hawaii or Florida, both of which see high temperatures consistently close to the prior day’s temperatures as well as close to weather forecasts. If you don’t like the consistency, the Northern Plains and northern New England provide more variety. For low temperatures, Hawaii, Florida, California, and Washington are the places to be for the most consistency or accurate predictions, while the Upper Midwest and Northeast offer the most variability.

If you just care about whether you’ll get wet or not at some point in the day, the Desert Southwest offers so little rainfall that its daily consistency is extremely high. If you like wet surprises, the Northeast, mid-Atlantic or Midwest regions, as well as much of the Alaskan coast and a large portion of the eastern U.S., should be on your radar!

So where should you move if you care about all three elements at once and either want to know what is going to happen or like to be surprised? Check out ForecastWatch’s Best Places Report to find out!


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