ForecastAdvisor Mentioned in The Atlantic

April 18, 2023

Weather applications on smartphones have various issues, most notably, they attempt to take a vast amount of data that express probabilities and ranges of what is going to happen in the atmosphere on all different scales and many different height and reduce that to one single number or weather icon that anyone in the general public can understand.

Many people will check their smartphones often – typically including one of the first things in the morning – to see what their weather applications are telling them about the weather forecast for the day. Thus, it becomes important, in the eyes of people’s trust in the applications, to get the forecast correct. Trying to express all the nuances of what may happen with the weather, especially if it is expected to vary by small time and location increments, is very difficult, particularly when human intervention is not included in the process in delivering a forecast to the application. It’s difficult enough to accurately figure out the small nuances of the weather due to chaos theory and lack of widespread weather observations.

This lack of detail on individual weather applications can cause lack of clarity and skepticism among its users. ForecastAdvisor, as mentioned in The Atlantic’s article on this topic, can help you determine which weather applications are the most accurate to use.

ForecastWatch and ForecastAdvisor, services of Intellovations, evaluate accuracy of temperature, precipitation and wind forecasts. Our data offers the ability to request customizable collections – by location, time period, and forecast parameters, such as wind and temperature – and have them conveniently delivered as easy-to-use CSV files. Contact us for more information.


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ForecastAdvisor is Featured!
If weather impacts the bottom line of your business or the safety of clients or inventory, we should talk. Our ForecastWatch suite of products delivers the world’s most reliable, relevant, and innovative atmospheric analytics software and services on the market today. Leaders in the weather industry, government, and the insurance, financial, life sciences, and entertainment industries turn to us for critical weather data.


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