AccuWeather Analyzed Their Long-range Solar Eclipse Forecast

May 27, 2024

Millions of Americans and tourists were able to experience the total solar eclipse on April 8, 2024 thanks to clear skies or limited clouds along much of the path of totality. It is estimated that billions of dollars were invested in travel, lodging, and outdoor event planning from Texas to Maine. 

AccuWeather’s team of meteorologists worked around the clock to provide cloud cover forecasts beginning on March 8 leading up to the eclipse. Their main goal was to provide advanced insight to help millions of people and thousands of businesses prepare for the one-in-a-lifetime event during a month that is notorious for seasonal transitions, severe storms, and cloud cover. So how did they do?

AccuWeather issued forecasts for a dozen locations in the path of totality one month prior to the eclipse. In their own analysis, they found that their forecasts provided valuable insight to people that was equal to or greater than the historical average of cloud cover. They were most accurate across the Midwest and into New York. AccuWeather was less accurate in northern New England and southern Texas. 

AccuWeather received positive feedback that their early forecasts and their forecasts that evolved closer to the eclipse time frame were beneficial in helping people prepare and make decisions, or last-minute travel adjustments, to be able to experience the phenomenon. 

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