An Interview with Peter Neilley of The Weather Company

July 10, 2019

Earlier this year, Heather Goldstone of NPR’s WCAI radio The Point, spoke with Peter Neilley, director of weather forecasting science at The Weather Company. Their conversation was wide-ranging and covered a variety of topics including:

  • The rapid improvement of forecasting over the last decade,
  • The rise of supercomputers with the ability to make projections beyond just a weather forecast,
  • New and improved satellites with the ability to penetrate all levels of the atmosphere for better forecast data,
  • Being more strategic when using forecasts to improve our lives, and
  • The correlation between forecasting and climate science and more.

We found this interview compelling as it covered a range of hot topics at ForecastWatch and among our clients – using historical weather data to make sound business decisions, climate change, big data modeling and analytics and more. We thought you might find it interesting as well. Have a listen!

Peter Neilley on The Point

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