New Report Released: Best Places to Live in the World

December 27, 2023

In addition to looking at the United States and Europe by themselves, we also analyzed the reliability of weather forecasts and persistence across the entire world!

There is a strong latitudinal relationship across the world to weather predictability. This makes sense, because near the Equator, the Sun is always high in the sky throughout the year so weather is fairly consistent in those areas. In higher latitudes of both hemispheres, the amount of sunlight varies greatly throughout the year, and the difference between colder air near the poles and hotter air closer to the Equator results in storms that cause varying weather that is naturally harder to forecast.

So the most reliable places for weather forecasts and persistence around the world are in tropical locations: Central America, northern South America, tropical Africa, the southern areas of the Middle East, southern India, and Southeast Asia. Some other areas on the western part of continents are also a bit more reliable than the same latitudes on the eastern side of continents because of westerly prevailing winds that allow for moderating effects of the oceans. These moderating effects that make western coasts more predictable are noticeable mostly in North America, Europe, and Australia.

Less reliable weather forecasts and daily variety of weather were generally seen in higher latitudes, particularly in Canada and Siberia.

Which locations took the top and bottom spots for weather predictability? How did this vary by temperature and precipitation? For the full report on the best places to live in the entire world if you need reliable weather forecasts, see here.

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New Report Released: Best Places to Live in Europe

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Europe Best Places to Live Report: Forecast Skill
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